Soft magnetic composite cores make much smaller and higher effeciency motors
2018-11-25 21:09:19

    The SMCs(Soft magnetic composite materials)-based motors operate at low speeds with high power outputs. Their production costs are expected to be low, and they are aimed at general-purpose applications such as swimming pool pumps.

    The research has been funded through two grants from the Australian Research Council. The researchers are now looking for further investment partners to commercialise the technology.
    The University researchers are also working with IEMS to develop a low-cost micro wind turbine generator based on the SMC materials. They say that this machine will have a high power density and low cogging torque.
•  The technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, to help find international commercialisation partners and/or investment in Asia and Europe. IEMS CEO David Gehlert says that Isis has “a strong presence in promoting new and exciting technologies, and an excellent track record in bringing high-tech products and distribution partners together”. In 2009, Isis spun the Yasa (yokeless and segmented armature) motor technology, developed at Oxford University, into a separate company.
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