Soft magnetic composite produce small motors with 90% efficiencies
2016-03-07 17:05:39

    Australian researchers have used novel magnetic materials to design and build small motors with energy efficiencies of up to 90%, compared to 60-70% for conventional designs. The new motors are also smaller in size for a given power output.
    The researchers,  through the University  regarding  Adelaide,  are  working with Intelligent Electric Motor  solutions  (IEMS).  It's got   taken   two  emerging magnetic materials – soft magnetic composite (SMC)  IN addition to amorphous magnetic material (AMM) – combined  with  novel production techniques,  to be able to application form  stators designed for  utilize throughout  motors  or perhaps  generators.    
    The SMC material  incorporates  iron powder,the item can be  pressed  very easily in to any needed  shape.  This can be  said  in order to  simplify manufacturing  along with in order to offer improved design flexibility.  your current  technology  is usually scaled effortlessly to be able to higher output powers.    
     “Currently  almost all  commercial motors  usually are   developed   via   clicking  very thin metal sheets  of  silicon iron together  next  stamping out  your current  shape  of any  stator  because of the  metal,” explains  your current  lead researcher,  Link  professor Nesimi Ertugrul  by the  University’s School  associated with  Electrical  and Electronic Engineering. “This  process is actually  wasteful  of any  metal sheeting,  and limits  your own   Least difficult make use of connected with viewable space to its  copper wire  needed   within  motors.      
    “We’ve  developed  new stators  employing  SMC  with no  need  for  machining,  not any scrap metal along with improved space utilisation  regarding  copper wire  pertaining to   superior  power output,” he adds.
    The researchers have  developed along with patented prototype small motors,  making use of SMC technology. They say these kind of  products are generally  achieving energy efficiencies of up to help 90%.
    The SMC-based motors  run   on  low speeds  within  high power outputs.  it's  production  costs   tend to be   expected   to   always be  low, in addtion to these are  aimed  with  general-purpose applications  like  swimming pool pumps.
    The research  continues to be  funded  throughout  two grants  because of the  Australian Research Council.  your current  researchers  are generally now looking for   additional  investment partners  to help  commercialise  your current  technology.
    The University researchers  are   employing  IEMS  to help   Develop a  low-cost micro wind turbine generator based  towards the  SMC materials. They say  that this  machine  will certainly get a  high power density and low cogging torque.