Expressive Method

 1.For round magnets using D to represent diameter,take D12*2mm for example,it means that the diameter of magnet is 10mm,thickness is 2mm.

2.For square magnets using length*wideness*height to represent,we usually use F to mark square magnets, for example,F60x20x10mm means that the length is 60mm,wideness is 20mm,height is 10mm.If there aren't any special requirments,height direction is the magnetizing direction.
3.For ring magnets using outer diameter D*inner diameter D*height,for example D32*D18*6mm means that the outer diameter is 32mm,the inner diameter is 18mm and the height is 6mm.There are two kinds of ring magnets:straight hole and countersuck hole.
4.ball magnets can be marked by D simply,for example D5mm means the diameter of the magnet is 5mm.